Fortnite season 8 week top 10 challenges (2019) solution is given here

fortnite season 8,week top 10 challenges

Fortnite season 8 week top 10 challenges

Fortnite season 8 solution is here given of ‘week top 10 challenges’ of free and battle step challenges. regular tasks reward with “5 battle stars”.Read all the article carefully.

fortnite season 8,week top 10 challenges
source: fortnite season 8, week top 10 challenges

In fortnite season 8 seven battle royale challenges has released each week. three weekly challenges are available for free and other four challenges are exclusive to battle pass users.

  • Challenges are separated into hard and regular tiers of difficulty in fortnite season 8
  • fortnite challenges net players with ten battle stars and the regular tasks reward fans with “five battle stars”
  • Earning battle stars level up your battle pass, it helps to “unlock all of the skin, emotes and items available with the battle pass”.
  • If you complete all of the weekly challenges you will even unlock a special fortnite loading screen, which contains a clue to another battle star or banner.

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Free challenges of fortnite season 8

Throw rings of thought with common flames (0/3) – 5 battle stars
Stage 1/3: harvest wood (500) in a single game: 2 battle stars
Stage 2/3: harvest of bricks (500) in a single game – 1 battle stars
stage 3/3: harvest (500) metal in a single game – 2 battle stars

Eliminate (3) opponents in the inclined towers or in the block “10 battle stars”

Battle step challenges

Inflicts (500) damage with an Infantry Rifle or Heavy Assault Rifle: “5 battle stars”
Stage 1/2: Search the signpost of the treasure map found in Junk Junction: 2 battle stars
Stage 2/2: look for the X in the treasure map sign in Junk Junction – 3 Battle Star
Damage (100) within 10 seconds of landing after using a volcano vent: 10 battle stars
Eliminate (2) opponents less than 5 m away – 10 battle stars

Harvest a lot of materials: quite simple, this. Land somewhere apart and go to the city with your beak: rinse and repeat.

Eliminate 3 opponents in Tilted Towers or the Block: take this opportunity to visit the Tilted towers, as this may be your last chance to do so. It seems that the venerable Fortnite Drop Zone will probably level with the volcano’s great eruption (probably on Saturday), so this is an opportunity to fall and get some eliminations. As usual, ‘respawn modes’ are a much easier way to do these things.

Inflicts 500 damage with an Infantry Rifle or “Heavy Assault Rifle”: Both are medium-range weapons, although they work very differently. The infantry rifle has to do with accuracy, so choose your shots well, crouch down and make sure you focus on those sights. The “Heavy Assault Rifle” must also aim, but it is an automatic weapon. That means you’re likely to be able to ruin some damage by hanging near a Team Rumble shooting and simply letting go.

After using a Volcano Vent, it inflicts 100 damage in the 10 seconds after landing: an interesting one, this one. Team Rumble, as always, is your friend, but this is a challenge that clearly wants to be close. I would get a shotgun or something similar and then try to land as close as possible to someone’s head. 10 seconds gives you some room for maneuver, but not much.

Eliminate 2 opponents less than 5 m away: “shotguns, shotguns, shotguns” Honestly the best strategy for this is the same as the volcano vent challenge try to land furtively right next to someone and then shoot.

This is the solution of “fortnite season 8” week top 10 challenges.

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